Topmaster General Informantion

The Topmaster Offers Exceptional Cost Savings For Several Reasons

It only takes one person to operate the machine. The typical production T-molding operation will employ between 4 and 5 people. With the Topmaster, only one person is needed. 

Material handling is greatly reduced. Again, most operations will employ a specific machine to do a specific function, thus, three stations do the three operations of shaping, grooving and T-molding. With the topmaster, all operations are performed at one station and materials handling is reduced to a minimum. 

Production capacity is increased. In a typical T-molding operation, a crew of 4 will average between 15 and 20 complete panels per hour. With the Topmaster, production rates of 30 to 60 pieces per hour with one employee are averaged. Some owners report producing as many as 500 pieces in an eight-hour shift. 

The need for quality control is greatly reduced. Because the machine utilizes a template, the two cutting arms don’t have the opportunity to cut deeper than than they are supposed to. Also, the T-molding is rolled in under pressure rather than pounded in with the use of an impact tool. This leaves the finished part with a smooth and flat edge without waves or distortion.

Some of the best known furniture manufactures in the United States have purchased Topmasters. They include Steelcase, Hone, Westinghouse, American Seating and Globe Business Furniture. The Topmaster has been on the market since the 1950’s, and in its current configuration since 1994. It is a durable, reliable and well-built piece of machinery that will perform to your complete satisfaction when kept properly maintained. If you are looking for high production T-molding equipment, then the Topmaster is the right machine for you.

​Maintenance Is Simplified

​Less than 1/2 hour every 500 hours will keep the Topmaster well maintained. There are just 25 grease fitting and two oil reservoirs to be topped off.


​The Topmaster is completely assembled and ready for operation. Once the machine is positioned and leveled, grouting is required to secure the machine in place. Air, electrical and vacuum service must be run to the site. The initial setup and training are provided by a factory-trained technician.


​Operation and mechanical maintenance instructions are privided by the KRP technician at the time of installation.

​One Year Limited Warranty 

​KRP Manufacturing, Inc. warrants that all Topmaster machinery sold shall be free from defects in electrical components, materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Components covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be replaced or repaired according to the manufacturer’s policy.